“Being involved in the Well City Milwaukee initiative helped provide the timeline and support needed to complete the WELCOA Well Workplace Award application.  Working with other employers in the community pulled us together for a common cause, improving the health of all.  I think the group felt very good about the project and the result that came out of our hard work.  We are excited to take Well City to the next level and engage even more employers in this initiative.”

--Kathryn Menard-Rothe, Manager, Internal Wellness Works, Froedtert Health

‘Well City Milwaukee motivated us to apply for the Well Workplace Award through WELCOA.  It gave us the opportunity gain support and encouragement from our peers in a pretty rigorous process.  The result of this process was amazing!  We got senior level awareness and support of our programming.  We have measurable goals to monitor our success and impact.  We have a budget!  We have an operating plan that constantly gives our wellness team direction and focus.  As a company dedicated to healthy nutrition, it helped us focus our own employee wellness efforts.”

--Kari Mitchell, Director of Organizational Development, Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative

“Well City Milwaukee helped me to set timelines and prioritize the steps I needed to take to ensure our wellness program met the criteria for a small business well workplace award. Even though we already had our wellness program in place prior to the Well City initiative, it helped us to better organize our program data. Well City meetings with other participating companies were informative and gave me the ability to network with other wellness program coordinators to get some new ideas and different perspectives on how to design and deliver various worksite wellness programs. “ 

--Mary Kelly, Wellness Services Manager, Sensia Healthcare



 “The Well City Milwaukee initiative is one of the most important ways in which the Milwaukee business community can demonstrate its strong commitment to supporting a healthy and vibrant workforce. This is a tremendous asset to our city and will allow us to attract and retain the best and brightest from all over the country. I am proud to take the lead in the growth of Well City Milwaukee.

--Milwaukee Mayor, Tom Barrett

 “Lifestyle choices make up over 60% of eventual health care costs. Well Workplaces lead to better health, lower costs and a higher quality of life. The Well City Milwaukee initiative is an integral part of achieving the goals we have to make the region the best place to live, learn, work and play.”

--Julia Taylor, President, Greater Milwaukee Committee

“The Milwaukee companies and organizations that are part of Well City have success stories, based on a wide variety of practices they put in place. These are organizations that are seeing a return on investment in wellness, and who have healthier, happier employees. Let’s build upon Milwaukee’s Well City designation to grow and deepen our movement. We’ll all be better off.”

--Arvid “Dick”  Tillmar, President, Tillmar Connect, LLC

“We took our first steps on the wellness journey to rein in out-of-control health care costs. We take our current steps because we have seen the human and financial benefits that a well-founded wellness program can generate. We are committed to take future steps because it is our vision, mission and duty.”

--Jeff Koenitzer, CEO, Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.

“Marquette's wellness program has come to exemplify our deep Jesuit, Catholic commitment to human well-being. Care for the individual person — physical, psychological, spiritual — drives everything we do.”

--John Pauly, Provost, Marquette University

 “At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin we have a vibrant workplace wellness program. We recognize that an enjoyable, healthy life depends on the well-being of our employees and their families. Investing in our employees’ health will ultimately lower health care costs for everyone. Well City Milwaukee is an opportunity for businesses and organizations to work collaboratively for the good of the community.”

--Peggy Troy, CEO, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin


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