Well City Milwaukee is a collaboration of organizations who are dedicated to making Milwaukee a city with the most healthy and vibrant workforce the nation.

These visionary leaders have made wellness and disease prevention a key part of their business strategy and have seen a positive return in the health of and productivity of their employees. They are taking the lead to transform their workplaces to support health and create a new social norm for healthy lifestyles that will serve them well into the future and have a ripple effect on the community at large.

Our Mission: Well City Milwaukee exists to create a healthy and vibrant Milwaukee workforce.

Our Vision: We envision comprehensive worksite wellness programming as a seamless part of the operating model at every Milwaukee workplace that is considered an obvious, critical strategy to improving an organization’s bottom line, no matter what the economic climate.

What we do:


Unite the Milwaukee Community around Workplace Wellness:  Through convening workplace wellness forums, like-sector roundtables and other events, we grow the culture of workplace wellness and improve health in Milwaukee. Click here for upcoming events.

Measure Success: We base our framework and success on the data. While there are hundreds of case studies demonstrating that wellness works in other cities, it is important for business leaders to know that investing in wellness works right here in Milwaukee. Click here to read more.

Empower Best Practice:  Peer-to-peer mentoring and training help rally the community  around the design and delivery of data-driven, best-practice wellness programs, raising the bar for making wellness the way of work. Click here to read more.

Lead partners: